Away from the frameworks provided xxxseximg nude by the West and moving closer to local production Above all in the field of anthropology in the s we found that two different currents emerged one more focused on cultural identities and the other on the processes of citizenship integration and social exclusion Ge lover and Silva. We will describe roughly the characteristics of these two aspects without neglecting that there may be more. Cultural identities This current goes beyond national territoriality and could be considered Latin American. The studies maintain that from the expansion of schooling the media and migration a youthful stage emerges in indigenous communities other than childhood and adult life Taxa and González. These authors do a study with young Zapotec's in which they determine as strong nude influence immigration and television strong influential xxxseximg elements in their daily life. However, they accept that a notion of youth in intercultural contexts would be broader and more inclusive for indigenous youth especially those who leave their community. In a similar sense to that of Taxa and González Maritza Ortega alludes to the media migration and adds an xxxseximg element not mentioned by the other theorists we believe that it is extremely important schooling whether it be secondary or higher education. Ortega makes a youth typification in three segments young students migrants and traditional. It would be a characterization not far removed from that presented by the young themselves who in recent decades nude have ventured into xxxseximg higher education either in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area or in the North University Center in the case of students. Migrants especially in the Mg are engaged in the sale of handicrafts music and a minority trade. To finish with this brief description of the xxxseximg current of cultural identities it is worth mentioning that it focuses on a specific nude youth with very notable differences with respect to urban mestizo or ruralmestizo youth who may go through immigration and exposure. To the media, but they belong to the dominant culture and in that respect they do not present the same ethnic nude conflicts. Citizenship integration and social exclusion Perhaps nude the difference between the two currents is not sharp some similarities have been found between the two especially in the case of young migrants and their inclusion exclusion in urban contexts. At the point where an important qualitative difference could be made is that studies of citizenship integration and social exclusion present specific topics such as gender research or issues related to health which the current of cultural identity does not mention. An example of this is doctoral thesis work The skins we wear embodiment and beauty practices in San Cristóbal Chiapas a study with indigenous and mestizo xxxseximg youth. The methodology used by the researcher is quite interesting through the information received she explores blogs photographs drawings and clippings selected by the informants. This may involve the identity construction of indigenous young women in a culture.
11 Aug 1994 (Alder: 26)