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  • As a sign of gratitude for your aid, we are pleased to offer you the in-game item used by those loyal to King Conan: The Drinking Cape. This item will allow your characters (one game account only) to free of charge demand the very sought after alcholic drink of "Ambrosia" - free and in unlimited supplies for life! After having claimed your cape, merely find one of the kegs in the finer Inns of Hyboria and click it whilst wearing your cape to receive your drink.

    To register your cape, log in to your account page by clicking here and under the option "Use a Key" - enter this key:


    Once this has been done, use the command "/claim" inside the game to claim your in-game items. These items work for all the characters you create on your account. Note that all in-game items are only available on full accounts, and do not work on pre-order, buddy or (later) trial accounts.

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