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Oppdatert 8. juni 2015.

Da jeg allerede har produsert dette for et annet lag jeg spiller med tenkte jeg det også kan postes her, ikke ment som avansert informasjon eller en steg-for-steg guide, men en grei oversikt over hvordan spillet "ofte" spilles slik spillet er i dagens meta.

På engelsk da jeg ikke tar meg tid til å oversette!

I. Early Game:

A. The opening: Your opening is the way in which you position your heroes after the gates fall, leading into the way in which you approach the lane phase.

1. The break: This is a personal term I use for the initial start of the game immediately after the fall of the gates. Are you going to go for an opening gank? If so, you might stack all five of your heroes in a bush near a point-of-opportunity to catch an unsuspecting enemy. You might do it with only 2-3 heroes. There are many ways to set up ganks, traps, and ambushes during the break, and you need to be prepared to deal with them yourself by either countering or being safe in your lane splits.

2. The split: this is how you choose to split your team's heroes between available lanes, and there are various options.
a. 2-1-2: The moba standard. 2 top, 1 mid, 2 bottom. Viable on most 3 lane maps.
b. 1-1-3: A good counter to 2-1-2 on many 3 lane maps depending on comp, with the idea of overloading a 1 or 2 man defense.
c. Roam via 1-1-2 or 1-1-1: This frees up one or two of your heroes to roam the map for ganks or minor objectives/merc camps. Soft-counters 1-1-3 by giving the flexibility to bolster the lane with 3 enemies when needed.
d. 4-1: Used on 2 lane maps, particularly Haunted Mines. Keeps a high amount of pressure on one enemy lane.
e. 3-2: Usually inferior to 4-1 since 1 can usually defend 2, and 3 usually have trouble with 4.
f. 1-2+2 roam. Can work against a 1-4 if the 2 roamers are mobile and can attain ganks while bolstering the lane with 4 enemies when needed.

B. The Lane Phase: Usually lasts until Levels 10-12, sometimes a little longer, rarely shorter. It consists mainly of ensuring that the team is soaking experience from enemy minion deaths in every lane. This is important since achieving lvl 10 before the enemy team can have a huge impact on attaining map objectives and taking the initiative for the mid-game.

C. Early Game Objectives: Tributes on Cursed Hollow, Chests on Blackheart's Bay, Shrines on Sky Temple and Dragon Shire, Mines on Haunted Mines, Gems on Spider Queen, and seeds on Garden of Terror serve as breakup points in the lane phase wherein you must decide how much lane experience your willing to sacrifice in order to attain.

1. Cursed Hollow: The first tribute you must decide whether to go all-in with the team and attempt to secure, attempt to secure with less than 5, or simply poke the enemy team for as long as possible while gaining max soak and keeping on the lookout for a blunder to allow you to steal the trib.

2. Blackheart's Bay: You must decide whether to attempt to take one chest, both chests, or concede both chests (usually because of a blunder) in order to maintain soak. Once your team attains 10 coins you must decide if/when you wish to turn in. Turning in immediately, and when the enemy team is at full strength, is usually a bad decision. If all 10 heroes in the game are up, look to pick up 1-2 merc camps or get 1-2 picks on the enemy team before trying to turn in. If the enemy team is the 1st to 10 coins, its important to stay flexible enough to deny them a turn-in as long as possible, maintaining map-knowledge of enemy heroes and responding when you think they are going for turn-in.

3. Sky Temple: Unless the opposing team blunders badly, or you pull off some great plays, attaining all of both shrines damage output will be highly unlikely. Focus on taking every shot of one or the other while continuing to soak as much lane exp as possible. The second shrine is bottom only and should be fought for by the whole team unless it is known that the enemy team is committing less than 5, in which case continuing to soak a lane will be beneficial if you are confident in winning the 4v4.

4. Dragon Shire: Clearly you want to retain control of at least one shrine to prevent the enemy team from having the possibility of taking the Dragon Knight, but it is not as necessary to fight tooth and nail early on to have both shrines at once. Keeping at least one is good enough until you can gain a numbers advantage on the enemy team in terms of Heroes alive. Once the game has progressed to the point where death timers are longer and you have a 5v3 or 5v4 power play or multiple merc camps pushing hard on enemy forts, it is time to aggressively try to take the DK.

5. Haunted Mines: Mines cannot be ignored. Unless you are runnning a specific strategy that is well thought-out and takes having a weak golem into account, all 5 heroes should enter the mines as quickly as feasible.
a. The Golem: Sometimes the 1st mines especially can feel a bit random due to the golem fight. This is because even if you kill 1 or more enemy heroes while gathering skulls from camps they will usually have enough time to return to the mines and contest the boss fight if they choose to do so. If your team is particularly weak after an engagement in the mines, it is often best to return topside to tap one of the wells or even go full back rather than start the boss only to lose it to a returning full health team.

6. Tomb of the Spider Queen: This is one of, if not the most fluid of all the maps in HotS. The lanes are tight and knowing when to turn in gems can sometimes seem like a crapshoot. The best method is to ensure your team has the ability to zone for anyone who is turning in at a particular time. If enemy players, or the whole of the enemy team, can easily contest your turn-in, and does not have any reason not to do so (other objectives, etc.) then don't turn-in. Mind games can also be played by baiting turn-ins with teammates hidden nearby or within vents to jump anyone who chooses to contest.

7. Garden of Terror: Having the first crack at a terror is important, and you never want to be in the situation where the enemy team can access a terror after night has passed and your's cannot. Try to soak as much as possible while gaining seeds for the small camps. Wait to take on one of the two bosses until you can be certain that doing so does not put your team at a disadvantage to being ganked (the enemy is currently attacking the other one, or is down heroes).

8. Early Game Mercs: Merc camps are great in the early game, but not critical. Try to get at least a couple before the lvl 10 mark, and in truth, take as many as you safely can while maintaining your soak across all the lanes. This can be tricky to meta correctly and decide when 1-2 of your teammates can safely break off lanes to take a camp, and is one of the many intricacies of the game that sets top teams apart from up-and-coming teams.

II. The Mid-Game: Levels 13-20/variable. I wont go into every map's details, but will just talk general tips.

A. Pushing: HotS is about pushing objectives, not simply pushing minions. If you are pushing a lane in the mid-game hard without the benefit of a merc camp or two, or a specific strategy utilizing the skills of a specialist type hero, you will encounter a lot of problems. Namely, that the enemy will either take merc camps from under your nose, or gank you. As always, map awareness needs to be kept in mind. If the whole enemy team is busy elsewhere and you can take towers or a fort, go for it.

B. Minion Waves: Unless enemy minions are pushing up hard on your buildings, they don't even need to be cleared unless you are preparing to push with objectives/mercs up that lane. If you spend all your time clearing minion waves that you could otherwise just walk by, you will lose out on both map objectives and merc camps. This can be counterintuitive to what many people learn in other mobas, but if you focus your game around attaining objectives and merc camps as opposed to keeping minions pushed, you will see why it has less importance. Obviously, if there are no current objectives or camps to capture, then clear away!

C. Map objectives become of paramount importance. Do everything you can to ensure that you take game-changing advantages with the help of the map objectives. Don't fall into the trap of seeking out team fights and picks just for the sake of having a fight or getting a pick. In each case, it needs to lead to something more beneficial for the team in regards to merc camps or the overall map objectives.

III. Late-Game: This is where the game can swing on a single team fight, or a single big map objective. It usually hits around lvl 20-22.

A. As a general tip, play safe. Try to stay as a group of 5. Only take engagements that you feel you have the advantage in, unless your hand is forced.
1. Focus on the details. Let your tank lead the pack around the map, keep proper positioning in case of an ambush. Be wary of bush parties and similar traps.

B. Be aware of your win-conditions. A win condition is when one action, when you have the ability to take it, will win the game. Generally, the setup to a win-condition is a lane that has been cleared of enemy forts and keeps. The condition for the win can then come in various ways, most often by wiping the enemy team or attaining significant advantage in Heroes alive and then pushing with camps. Sometimes the win condition isn't as reliant on wiping the enemy team, such as in the case of a very late game Terror or Dragon Knight that can crush their way to the core for victory with the help of your team regardless of what the enemy does. Sometimes it's dependent on the health of the core before your team pushes or takes a final map objective. Whatever the case may be, being aware of your available win-conditions will make your decision-making in the late game more efficient.

Det var det for nå, spørsmål og kommentarer er velkommen!


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Here is a list So while playing Hero League I realized that even at high rank people are lacking on some of the basics. I figured I'd write down a small list of things I've noticed as kind of a common sense guide of sorts.
  • 1. Don't chase. Seriously don't. If you can't catch them within a single screen or so just let them go. Chasing greedy kills causes more deaths than anything else.
  • 2. Don't engage 4 vs 5 without an overwhelming advantage. 3 levels is not a big enough advantage and you can still easily throw.
  • 3. Don't engage 3 vs 5 or less for any reason unless the enemy is all very low and you are equipped to finish them off quickly.
  • 4. If you lose someone before the team fight really even begins, disengage. Don't fight. One person down sucks, go do something productive instead of seeing how many kills you can feed them.
  • 5. If the enemy is level 10 or 20 and you are not, do not engage without an overwhelming advantage. Try not to engage if a talent tier behind either (they are 4, 7, 13, 16 and you are not)
  • 6. If your team is stupid and retarded and doing something like getting all merc camps and rushing the surface while the enemy gets a free 100 skulls in mines....be retarded with them. It's much better for you to help them maybe pull off an act of stupid genius than it is for you to go down solo and die horribly and stupidly...without the genius.
  • 7. If you are 3 levels behind or more, split up and soak lanes. Play it safe, don't fight, don't extend.
  • 8. If the enemy team is roaming as 5 and it's past level 10, you should group up too. Solo players at this point can throw the game.
  • 9. As an exception to last rule if your team has a Gazlowe, Zagara, or Azmodan that is pushing lane and the enemy team is ignoring them and pushing you...buy time. Don't try to kill anyone unless it's super easy, just kill minions, push them away, zone them, etc. Stay alive at all costs and hold the enemy as long as possible. Depending on the player and team it might be a dumb idea to split push but since it's happening anyways you need to play appropriately and NOT go ham as if it's 5 vs 5.
  • 10. Team comp can be important but just is important is that you know how to play the hero. Brightwing and Anub'arak are both far strong than normal, but if you can't play them well practice them in quick match before you join a ranked game with them. Under no circumstance should you play a level 1 hero in hero league.
  • 11. By the same token the HOTSlog win rates are not absolute and vary from competitive play somewhat. That being said, unless you are running with a 5 man those heroes that come out strongest on HOTSlog are your best bet. Learn them and play them, worry about the competitive scene when you get a 5 man, for now play what scores highest in the chaos of Hero League.
  • 12. Don't solo merc camps at low levels. It takes a long time, you are not soaking, and it's risky because you take alot of damage. Just ping a friend and duo it. It'll go tons faster and be way safer.
  • 13. Specifically on Haunted mines: Do not take your defensive ogres for the first golem until that golem is about to walk through it's own gate. It'll let them hit it from a nice and sage spot and add alot of DPS to killing it.
  • 14. If the enemy team cannot be seen on the map and you are out in lane alone, assume they are coming for you. GTFO until you know where they are.
  • 15. Show up to objectives even if you are in the middle of mercs. That knight camp or ogre camp isn't going to do much against a dragon knight, garden terror, cannon barrage, etc. Especially if it results in a lost team fight. Seriously, LEAVE THE FRICKEN MERCS AND COME HELP!
  • 16. For the love of goodness be willing to fill. Everyone should have at least 2 supports and be willing to play it. Tanks are arguably less important but a happy team is a stronger team.
  • 17. The game is NOT over until the core is dead. It's not over at comp selection, it's not over at 1st blood, it's not over at first keep down, it's not even over when all 3 keeps are down. You can always turn the game around and potentially win and failing that the enemy can always throw.
  • 18. Know how to play different team styles. Some teams are team fight heavy. But if you have Azmodan, Murky, Gazlowe, Kerrigan, and Sonya? You may consider a different strategy. Putting pressure across the map via push and mercs while using map awareness to limit deaths and ganks may be a stronger tactic for this team than a straight up team fight. On the other hand you may be surprised what wombos they can suddenly pull.
  • 19. If you here a pin for retreat or danger, look at the minimap. There is a good chance you'll see no enemies and that is a BAD sign. You should prolly regroup with your allies before you go squish.


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Dette er en video jeg tror mange nykommere kan ha nytte av - en middels grundig forklaring av hvor viktig det er å lane tidlig i spillet, og at din aller største prioritet er å holde deg i live for å soake xp. Drit i camps, drit i watchtowers, drit i ganks, drit i at du er 1 mot 3. Bare hold deg innenfor rekkevidde (ca. synsrekkevidde til helten din) for minionsene idet de dør.



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Kjekkt og vite. Heltene har forskjellige størrelser med tanke på kollisjon.

Note: Collision Radius is used to check collision with other units (i.e. bodyblocking), while Inner Radius is used to check collision with structures.

HeroCollision RadiusInner Radius
Sgt Hammer1.1251.0
LV Olaf1.01.0
Chen Earth0.8750.875
Chen Fire0.6250.625
Chen Storm0.6250.625
LV Baleog0.50.5
LV Erik0.50.5
LV Longboat0.50.0 (?)
Notable facts:

  1. All heroes have Inner Radius <= 1.0, probably so the biggest heroes like Diablo don't get stuck between two closely-spaced objects such as Rock It! Turrets.
  2. Anub, Diablo, Azmodan, Stitches, Sgt. Hammer (wtf), and Zagara are very good at bodyblocking. They are also easily caught in skillshots and area-of-effect abilities.
  3. Obviously this doesn't mean that Murky cannot bodyblock, since both your size and your enemy's size matters.


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Artig hvordan det nesten ikke kan sammenlignes. EU bryr seg mer om heltene mens i US handler det mer om lanetaktikk.


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Ja, det er fascinerende! Masse deilig drittslenging mellom EU og NA nå og, gleder meg til Blizzcon og verdensmesterskapfinale!

Jeg personlig faller helt naturlig til EU-måten å bygge team på, kanskje ikke overraskende men fortsatt, maker bare mer sense.