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Nå er det rimelig vanskelig å få oppmerksomhet i denne delen av forumet med tanke på hvor enorm aktiviteten her inne er, men jeg prøver likevel. Kom på noen ideer til fjaseartikler om spill, og denne var den første:

Hypno.SaGa 360 Achievement list released
By GameSneaker.com Staff

Greetings readers, and have we got a scoop for you! Japanese blockbuster strategy-RPG Hypno.SaGa: Kashmir Khronikles is about to see a Western release on the Xbox 360, and GameSneaker's resident Japanese contributor Dave "Scro_Tummy" Whitewater got a sneak peek at the complete list of unlockable Achievements for the title, straight from the developers! Seeing as the Hypno.SaGa series has a reputation for being extremely hardcore and complicated, requiring a serious effort on the side of the player to progress, don't expect to unlock these right away! That said, some of these seem a little too hardcore for most, but judge for yourself after reading the list!

Hypno.SaGa: Kashmir Khronikles - Developer: Inno Corp. Japan - Publisher: Humdinger Entertainment

Complete Xbox 360 Achievement List

50 Achievements, of which 4 are secret, totaling 1000 Gamerscore.

#1: Disobedience - When prompted "Press START to play" instead press BACK. 50G
#2: Obedience - When prompted "Press START to play" press START. Learn important lesson of trust. -5000G
#3: Green Follower All Collect - Find, Inoculate, Harvest all Green Ichi in first level. 5G
#4: Blue Follower All Collect - Find, Inoculate, Harvest, Replant, Grow to Maturity all Blue Osu in Osaka, Japan. Meet with Inno Corp. Local Representative to unlock Achievement. No protest Blue Osu not actually exist outside of game or account is banned permanently. 50G
#5: Finish! But Long Way To Go - Finish first chapter of Secret Story Mode+. 5G
#6: Finish! Actually! (Not Really) - Finish last chapter of Secret Story Mode+. Unlock Endless Story Mode++. 10G
#6: Finish! Really This Time - Find game-crashing bug that somehow completes Endless Story Mode++. Tell us how it is done so bug can be fixed. 20G
#7: Secret Character Obtain - Unlock all 5 Secret Character in game. 5G
#8: All Secret Character Obtain - Unlock all 698 Secret+ Character in game by finding appropriate button combo on first try else Achievement locks forever. No searching Internet for guide, we watch. 10G
#9: Fly Moves (Secret Achievement) - Press A to leap. 5G
#10: Superfly Moves - Press A to win game. Not possible in reality, you must cheat. Note: No cheat exist. 10G
#11: Endless War - Finish Super Campaign ten times. 10G
#12: Almost Complete, But Not Completely - Fail last battle of Super Campaign. Save is deleted for realism. 5G
#13: Super Campaign Unlock (Secret Achievement) - Finish Campaign 1000 times. 5G
#14: Ultra Campaign Unlock (Secret Achievement) - Finish Super Campaign 1000 times. 10G
#15: Eighty Year Old Virgin - Finish Super Campaign 5000 times and Ultra Campaign 10000 times. 20G
#16: God-Jesus Defeat - Defeat God-Jesus in battle of New Paris. 10G
#17: God-Jesus Destroy - Defeat God-Jesus Ultimate in battle of New New York. 10G
#18: God-Jesus Annihilate - Defeat God-Jesus Ultimate+ Deluxe in battle under Homeless Bridge by Dirty River. 10G
#19: Weapon Collect - Buy all Weapon in game. 5G
#20: Armor Collect - Buy all Armor in game. 5G
#21: Collector's Regret - Obtain all Weapon and Armor at great expense and realize that best Armor and Weapon is what you find at start of game which you sold and now locks. 10G
#22: Around The World - Battle on every location in world. 5G
#23: Around The Real World - Battle on every location in world also on every location in real world. Gameplayer pays all travel tickets and responsible for Internet connection also in mountainous, swampy desert or oceanic area. 10G
#24: Big Spender - Afford and buy Extravagant Sword. 5G
#25: Bigger Spender - Afford and buy Extravagant Armor. 5G
#26: Biggest Spender - Afford and buy 10000 Extravagant Tampon for lady in life. Made of platinum and tungsten, is sure to satisfy. 10G
#27: Tale of an Old Man - Help Old Man with his chores. 5G
#28: Real Tale of an Old Man - Endure 100-hour unskippable cutscene of delusional Old Man's life story as reward for helping with chores. 10G
#29: Great Progress - Complete 90% of game. 5G
#30: Terrible Progress (Secret Achievement) - Complete 99% of game and realize you were only helping final boss fulfill evil plan all along. World is destroyed, thanks a lot. -5000G
#31: Tank Rush - Build 50 Simple Tank at start of battle and destroy your opponent. 5G
#32: Tank Inventor - Find a way to enable construction of Simple Tank in Hypno.SaGa, historically correct medieval wargame. You must hack files. 10G
#33: Thanks A Lot - Save World. 5G
#34: Many Thanks A Lot - Save World 1000 times. Explore universe to find worlds. 10G
#35: Spaceship Inventor - Progress in real-time from medieval age to invent spaceship to explore universe. Hire scientist. 20G
#36: Conversationalist - Talk with every character in game. 5G
#37: Master Conversationalist - Talk every character in game into coma by asking same question 500 times. 10G
#38: Illusion Castle Explorer - Explore Illusion Castle. 5G
#39: Illusion Castle Master - Explore all Illusion Castle Dungeon randomly generated 99 floors. Reset every 30 minutes and have to start over again unless finish. 10G
#40: Medium Master - Complete all Game on Medium difficulty. 5G
#41: Hard Master - Complete all Game on Hard difficulty. 10G
#42: Impossible Master - Complete all Game on Impossible difficulty. Note Impossible is not just description, game is hard coded to kill player of cancer after five minutes unless cure is found. Good luck since setting is medieval. 20G
#43: Rich Man - Obtain 100 Golds. 5G
#44: Millionaire - Obtain 1,000,000 Golds. 10G
#45: Googolplexionaire - Obtain 1 Googolplex Golds. Note space it takes just to write number of Googolplex is more than entire universe contains. 20G
#46: Story Progress - Unlock 5th chapter of Story Mode. 5G
#47: Story Regress - Lock 5th chapter of Story Mode away in secure chest, great mistake unlocking it, now we all are doomed. 10G
#48: Character Assassination - Write 1000 angry forum posts about game. 5G
#49: Player Assassination - Unlock front door for easy access of Inno Corp. operative tasked with silencing ungrateful player. 5G
#50: All Game Win - Smash game disc with sledgehammer and toss Xbox into sea. 500G


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