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Jeg for min del ser litt fram til Indika. Det virker herlig surrealistisk.
Stor fallhøyde såklart, men jeg velger å være optimistisk.



Spillegals effort emo


Der Waaaah
Tid for enda en post jeg ikke gidder oversette.

Indika is certainly a strange game. You play as a nun who is hated by everyone in her monastery for being a weirdo. The reason people think she's weird is because she's possessed by Satan who talks to her and she does a pretty bad job of hiding it. One day she fucks up so bad that they decide to throw her out but to make it seem legit she's handed a letter to deliver to a church in the nearest city.
Off you go and there's not really much else to say than this is mostly a third person walking sim with the occasional puzzle. Oh and you sometimes have flashbacks that are in 8-bit pixel style for no reason. All in all it's really more of a fever dream than a game but it's certainly interesting. It also most certainly is huffing it's own farts too hard but I feel it owns it in the end

spill den spillen da.