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Jeg for min del ser litt fram til Indika. Det virker herlig surrealistisk.
Stor fallhøyde såklart, men jeg velger å være optimistisk.



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Tid for enda en post jeg ikke gidder oversette.

Indika is certainly a strange game. You play as a nun who is hated by everyone in her monastery for being a weirdo. The reason people think she's weird is because she's possessed by Satan who talks to her and she does a pretty bad job of hiding it. One day she fucks up so bad that they decide to throw her out but to make it seem legit she's handed a letter to deliver to a church in the nearest city.
Off you go and there's not really much else to say than this is mostly a third person walking sim with the occasional puzzle. Oh and you sometimes have flashbacks that are in 8-bit pixel style for no reason. All in all it's really more of a fever dream than a game but it's certainly interesting. It also most certainly is huffing it's own farts too hard but I feel it owns it in the end

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Mer engelskspråklig.

I've gotten through two runs of Heading Out and it has style. You are some loser on the run from something bad. What's so bad? It's your worst nightmare, the thing that will end you. What are you reaching for? The best driver in all of America!
You have an awesome beast of a car, but can you make it? Can you beat that blue asshole?
You have to outride both cops and other riders. And then there's the times you have to decide between resting or fixing your ride. But also, the game is woke as fuck. Sometimes you have to decide between telling a racist preacher or an asshole cop to eat shit or just drive away with your tail between your legs. What will all the listeners on the radio think about that? This is my main dislike about the game. They never really let you be a complete bastard that just goes around and punches minorities and gays.

The driving feels just as it should. The graphics are cell shaded black and white with a bit of colour when you need it.

And the soundtrack is fantastic for just driving and farting about on the road.

All in all, a good fucking game.